I’m looking for 111 women who want to make an extra $2100+ in August/September.
The kids are out of school, you’re traveling AND you know it doesn’t need to affect what you make in your business

Summer slumps aren’t real unless you buy into them. And you aren’t buying it. 
From: Monique Alvarez
RE: Networking & Making Sales

If you are waiting for clients to ask you for help, you may find your sales are less than you’d like. 

If you have reached out to potential clients in the past and it didn’t result in sales, there’s a couple reasons why...

This is the first group program I’ve ever offered where I’m going to ask you to ignore the other people in the group. 
I’m going to ask you to stop reading and listening to podcasts for 21 days
I’m going to ask you to tune into your intuition and your truest voice
I’m going to show you how to connect to your dream clients

You don’t need to get on calls...
You don’t need to build anything like a sales page, opt-ins or funnels... 
No ads necessary... 
If you can write a message, an email, or make a phone call you are set. 

Nothing sleezy. 
Nothing slick. 
All heart and soul. 
Oh so you. 
Holy business. 
Sacred exchange. 
If you want to learn how to be able to make a sale every day or close to it, this program is for you. 
I’m looking for 111 women who are ready to hang up their excuses, decide that nothing is going to keep them from making money in their business, and to do it in a completely different way

I know it’s a busy time of year so it’s super simple... One prompt and inspired action item a day. And it won’t take more than 15-30 minutes of your day to bring this money to you. 

Do this every day and I heard you can make $2100 or more. 

This is by far my lowest priced program so if we’ve never worked together... this is the perfect way to get started!
"I cannot say enough about how powerful this process has been for me."
“Monique and Elizabeth~wow! I went from a business idea to a calendar so packed with clients I can barely keep up in literally two weeks. 

When we commit, the Universe conspires to help us! I am literally overflowing with love for you ladies and this program right now. 

Thank you!"
Leah Taylor
About Monique
"I turn women into business women."

Through her Mastermind, sold out programs, thriving Facebook community, and contributor articles, Monique inspires women by her results-driven practical nature as well as her grounded spiritual approach.

She shows how community, accountability, and belief takes regular women from self doubt to providing for their families and realizing their wildest dreams through a business they love.
Last year this event catapulted many women into momentum that carried them through the rest of the year. Here are some of their stories...
“I left my corporate job to start my journey to location independence in Mexico and to build my brand strategy business. 

Through Monique and Elizabeth’s mastermind group and 1:1 coaching, the 7-Days to Income Stability boot camp, and THIS wonderful group of inspiring, intelligent and loving women, I have learned, grown and progressed holistically and more than I could’ve ever imagined. 

Accelerated growth is understatement!”

~Kate Franco
“I’ve come further in a month than I’ve come in a year. I got relevant grounded and tested knowledge and common roadblocks were covered. I was always surrounded with a support group that can make any person think she’s able to reach any goal.

In a month I changed my whole website’s layout and structure, made three completely new services and created new contacts and collaborations.

I’m in for another round!”

~Malin Lankiness
“This business has been a dream of mine for almost 4 years and if it weren’t for this networking intensive, Monique Alvarez and Elizabeth Caraballo and all of you coming into my life right now, I’d still be stuck in my head, playing small. 

Instead, I’m embracing the younger me who was going to take the world by storm and has only been sleeping inside for the last 20 years. 

I really don’t know that there are words to express this feeling.”

~Trenia Logan
“Just wanted to say that this intensive is kicking’ my butt in a good way. Much needed work and much needed kick in the pants. 

Thank you Monique for igniting this with your work and thank you Elizabeth for the insightful reading.”

~Maryann Hesse
“The motivation and brainstorming have been a tremendous help to get me out of my box. 

I’m seeing positive changes in my business and my personal life. 

Love it!”

~Kimberlie Faybik
“This has been an amazing and powerful experience together. Everytime I work with you, Monique Alvarez, I learn more about what it means to step into my calling in MY way, and how to embody it for the highest good. I’m love that I am always moving forward with you!!!”

~Kristy Scher
“Clarity is power. I know this. I teach this to my clients. I’ve taken many courses on business and have spent more than six figures on my business and you Monique, in a week, have kicked my butt into gear and you are SO clear on who you are and you communicate in such a clear and no non-sense way, that you have inspired me to cut out all the fluff! 

You really showed me that I CAN say…I do this and if you want that, please go elsewhere. 

I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this experience has been. All these women coming together to empower each other. 

I KNOW and FEEL that I’ve met connections that will last and I will certainly go into the next round again!”

~Karin Monster-Peters
“I have received SO MUCH from plugging into this group… Since starting this Networking Intensive, I have literally had opportunities knocking at my door left and right. 

Some happened due to connections inside of this group… and some developed with collaborations outside of the group as a direct result of what I learned & the ways in which I grew inside the Intensive.
Over the past 5ish weeks, I have collaborated and connected with other entrepreneurs, I've been invited to guest blog and I've also been interviewed on podcasts.

I've also gained clarity on WHO I serve, how I serve them, and HOW my service & expertise can complement OTHERS’ audiences as well.” 

~Leah Borski
“I wasn’t going to sign up for the 4-week intensive for building better relationships, but am so glad I did.

We were taught how to make connections from day 1... The more I networked, the bigger and better the opportunities came in to my life. And over the last few days of the course it all came rolling in.

I gained 6 new clients over the final 3 days. And over the entire ‘Intensive’ I received 9 new clients in total, with 2 of them upgrading.

Working within a supportive community such as this is what catapulted me. I made the decision to take action on everything and it turned out to be the easiest and most productive thing I ever tried... I will be joining the 4-week Intensive again – because it was just THAT good.”

~KC Cohn
In my last program, 90% of the participants admitted they don’t focus on building relationships that matter AND they would like to because that feels like a much better way to do business.
Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  •  Learn How to Network in a Way That Feels Good to You
  •  Discover the Secret to Getting More Clients, Referrals, and Opportunities
  •  Reach Your Income Goals Quicker than You Thought Possible
  •  Gain Confidence to Take Inspired Action by Using the Synergy of this group to Create Momentum in Your Life and Business
  •  Avoid Hiding Out, Being Frustrated With Your Business, and Having No Idea How To Make Money Doing What You Love
  •  How to Connect Deeply, Cultivate Communication, Be Influential in Your Niche, and Create Consistent Income
  •  Quickly Establish a Warm Market Who Is Eager to Do Business With You... Even if You're Starting from Zero
  •  Escape the Stress of Finding and Keeping Clients
  •  STOP Worrying About How You Will Reach Your Monthly Income Goals
I have focused on relationships from day one and it has led to...
  •  Great clients
  •  Long-term contracts
  •  Regular referrals
  •  Glowing testimonials
  •  Over a dozen media features
  •  Profitable collaborations
  •  Consulting gigs with educational institutions and corporations
  •  Full-time travel with my family
I have networked off- and on-line for the last twenty years and I’ll be sharing every trick in my bag.

Walk away with dozens of tools and strategies that will be perfect for your niche, personality, and season of business.
Here are the Benefits of Participating in the 4 Week Intensive…
  • 21 daily prompts that lead directly to money.
  •  Nail down how much money you want to make and how many clients you want to work with.
  •  Clearly see what products/services are easiest for you to sell.
  •  Feel a new connection to your dream clients.
  •  Get all your questions answered in real time.
Here's some feedback we're getting from the early bonus group…
So Here's The Bottom Line With the 4 Week Networking Intensive...
  •  You'll get daily access to me for 28 days
  •  You'll move from overthinking to moving forward.
  •  You'll deepen your connection to your business and clients.
  •  You'll trust your ability to make more sales every single month.
There are 2 Ways to Join the 4 Week Intensive...
You're ready to make a sale a day or close to it! Let me show you how!
1) Basic Package: Includes everything listed above.

2) VIP Package: Includes everything in the basic package plus 2 on 1 help with Monique and Elizabeth Caraballo. In your hour-long session, we’ll dismantle what’s snagging you and disempowering you. You’ll walk away feeling good about an action plan that meets your needs and feels good, and you will have a recording of the phone call for future reference.
Here's How To Order Right Now...
Go ahead and click one of the order links now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!
Join the Networking Intensive
  •  Daily access to me for 28 days in a private Facebook group
  •  21 daily prompts that lead directly to money
  •  Get all your questions answered in real time
Value: The skills and opportunities you gain provide exponential value
Today's Price: $77
Join the Networking Intensive as a VIP
(Only 5 Spots Available)
  •  Includes Basic Package PLUS...
  •  One 60 minute call with Monique and Liz
  •  Personalized plan to reach goals
Value: $852 plus exponential opportunities for sales
Today's Price: $497

"For anyone thinking of working with Monique, do it. And then do it again…"

And again and again. I worked with her 1:1 for 12 weeks. I worked with her in a 7-day income stability program. And I worked with her again in a 4-week intensive for building better relationships, which should actually be called, “how to turn your business around completely and QUICKLY within the first week!”

Monique is a dynamic individual and that transfers over to how she raises the bar each and every time she creates and delivers a new course or offering. 

If you’re thinking about working with her once, do it… the results will show you the rest of the way."

~KC Cohn
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